Yiannis Varoufakis is launching on Tuesday DiEM25 (Democracy in Europe Movement 2025) a  pan-European Party in Berlin . The kick off was a press conference in Berlin and the official presentation will be on Tuesday evening, from the Volksbühne Theatre. The objective is to democratize Europe.

The party also referred to as “a collective” already boasts the endorsement of numerous celebrities, including Julian Assange, of Wikileaks, the philosophers Boris Groys, Brardi Bifo, and  Srecko Horvat,  the Economist James K. Galbraith, the musician Brian Eno, Walter Baier of the Transform Network and Eduard Chmelar of the SEN ecological movement.

The stated aim of the platform is to fight European bureaucracy, governments, corporations, nationalism, and extremism, by mobilizing a democratic surge with four “realistic milestones.”

The movement will realistically demand immediate full transparency in decision-making by the EU Council, the Ecofin, the FTT, and Eurogroup Meetings. Practically this is a call for taking minutes and livestreaming. Within a year, the movement demands the resolution of the ongoing economic crisis by utilising existing institutions and within existing EU Treaties. This is a reference to several proposals by Varoufakis over the last five years, but this time the proposal begins with a return of sovereignty from Brussels to national Parliaments, regional councils, city halls and to communities. Within two years the groups asks for a Constituent Assembly to transform Europe (by 2025) into a full-fledged democracy with a sovereign Parliament. The proposal is for elections for the Constitutional Assembly to take place by political consortia, modelled after EU applications for research funding. Alas, by 2025 the movement envisions the enactment of the decisions of the Constituent Assembly.



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