ලෝකය වෙනස් කල හැක. එය අර්ථකතනය කරන්නේ කවුද ?

All the famous Karl Marx’s famous thesis 11ta Feuerbach: “Philosophers have interpreted the world only differently; It is, therefore, to change it.

” Today is for us indispensable to Marx’s thought on its head and stated:” Hitherto philosophers have only tried the world in different ways to change; The point is that it is interpreted!

“Theory is always essential but recognizes occurs only when something goes wrong in practice, so to speak, until the sun goes down and start collecting the shadows of darkness the night; just like a child to learn their mother tongue only after it has once been born, so the thought itself can not appear before the birth of practical activity. The heart of the problem of Marx’s thesis lies mainly in the fact that the old-fashioned, while obsolete jargon assumes that you theory and Praxis, theoria and praxis, opposes such a kind of Kantian dichotomy, and overlooks that has activity theory itself some kind of work, practice that these two concepts are dialectically intertwined that the only problem with the practice of double negation we get back to the real practice; So not only is not a theory in the strict sense without practical participation, but they are also for the development of the theory required certain conditions, without which it simply can not be Theories produce, but you can only talk about certain of appearance, conjecture and speculation, that is something no longer holds real fine, but becomes completely imaginary, phantasmal mental gymnastic exercise … in this context, the philosophy is actually a parasitic function, because without relying on a specific practice, nor can no longer exist and of itself invalidate the void.

ඔබේ අදහස කියන්න...


  1. Dear Admin, I think the above article needs some editing unless it is written in a poetic form disregarding sentence and grammar rules (for example: “Today is for us indispensable to Marx’s thought on its head and stated”). Thanks.

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